Major Changes

Minor Changes

  • 556adb6c: Added snap support for main sidebar to allow full screen dashboard

  • 41bf060f: Improved app updater mechanism

  • 53150176: Added multi item selection and actions in the navigator tree

Patch Changes

  • 01ed858c: Fixed react query offline behavior

  • 7f29a900: Fixed ResizeObserver loop limit exceeded error

  • 3bf39ce3: Fixed app updater quit and install

  • 9945e576: Added network check to check for updates

  • 30a02279: Fixed 'value' in actuator environment response not being transformable to string


Minor Changes

  • 55a399d0: Added auto updating for Windows

  • bec2a8cf: Added Info page

  • 32e44c66: Added Health page

  • 9057aefc: Added Logfile page

  • f9a020d2: Added settings page with sections

  • 7ef07f41: Added system backups manager to app settings

  • ed26b3a8: Added metrics value formatting by unit

  • 1825ea8a: Added UI animations

  • acb26092: Added build and git info to instance

  • 279a9319: Improved home screen feedback ui

  • c9d870f4: Improved folder-applications and application-instances tables empty states

  • 00e585ef: Added preview for import config and restore backup

Patch Changes

  • d6253787: Fixed manually downloading updates to only allow one click

  • ff984587: Fixed missing sort when exporting folders

  • e5bde84c: Fixed navigator tree move/rename/delete async methods

  • f6089d6d: Fixed slowness when navigating from instance dashboard to another page


Minor Changes

  • 39de2121: Added application dashboard

  • 1097b051: Added join discord buttons to home screen

  • b56c2f46: Added notifications settings

  • 230be293: Added ability to shutdown instances

  • 421a4271: Added ability to cancel heapdump downloads

  • 72697846: Added application health notifications

  • 02d736a4: Added methods to send direct feedback

  • a1218544: Added folder dashboard

  • 26d11967: Added ability to configure notifications for metric changes

  • bc717019: Added option to export / import configurations

  • 52be8657: Added tooltips to navbar buttons

  • fb235a9c: Updated start demo design to be more prominent

  • 9fa6cf20: Added global dashboard

  • 9188bc31: Added automatic selection of instance/application/folder on creation

Patch Changes

  • c4ea9924: Fixed application health not updating after cache eviction

  • 8b3732f8: Fixed instance active profiles overflow ui

  • 5a4e450d: Change app updater to run once on app start if enabled

  • b1877064: Fixed analytics not sending heartbeat event

  • 8e8dc99d: Removed ability to move instances between applications

  • 94527477: Fixed dashboard loading ui bug

  • 58d20a08: Fixed demo created multiple times

  • 216ec437: Fixed dashboard widget not available state

  • c521002b: Fixed beans table dependency click not working when filtered

  • 16e1599d: Fixed table action tooltip for disabled actions not interactable


Minor Changes

  • 26211c7: Added manual app updates mechanism

  • 3a04b8b: Added ability to disable SSL verification for applications

  • 18b5f69: Added Togglz support

  • 2b6508e: Added analytics heartbeat and additional demo events

Patch Changes

  • c23fa41: Fixed demo application not opened on start

  • 7d0e0e0: Fixed dashboard metric error handling

  • 58b2df7: Fixed global api error handler invalid app rerenders


Minor Changes

  • 1ed0b79: Added in-app demo

  • 78106d6: Deep sort app properties keys alphabetically

Patch Changes

  • 70fe8ca: Add missing pattern nullcheck to the multi date deserializer

  • 5d7cfd2: Fixed grid text line break mid-word


Minor Changes

  • debaf31: Added analytics events and disabled analytics in developer mode

  • 75551a4: Rename app from Boost to Ostara

  • 2614ab0: Added error boundary and user feedback on error


Patch Changes

  • 43dc6f6: Added signature for x64 native sqlite library for mac


Minor Changes

  • e3b5ce7: Added empty state to thread/heap dump tables

  • e7819fb: Added loading state to log level toggle

  • d9df5fe: Added redaction warning for masked actuator response

Patch Changes

  • 8ace76b: Fixed analytics implementation with amplitude

  • d3261ac: Fixed heapdump download in MacOS

  • 7cc135d: Add default values to all fields in actuator responses


Minor Changes

  • 789d2e0: Added app version updated dialog

  • b67f7b4: Added default actuator url from clipboard to create instance form

Patch Changes

  • 4e5930e: Fixed thread profiling thread data card ui

  • f6849d2: Fixed navbar tooltip doesn't disappear when dragging

  • 4384b82: Fixed URL regex not allowing dashes

  • 4637100: Fix incorrect non-nullable type for dispatcherServlet in mappings response

  • 87d4c87: Fixed update item icon ui

  • 2c9ce4f: Fixed disable error reporting in renderer for development

  • 31c8b52: Change Http Request Statistics by Statuses to be key by string instead of int

  • b1ea44b: Fixed url regex path allowed characters


Patch Changes

  • 1467cc0: Change update check frequency


Patch Changes

  • 26a8c3b: Fixed windows icon size


Patch Changes

  • b9094e7: Fix issue with app version not being present in packaged builds


Minor Changes

  • 9e83a8e: Added automatic updates control to settings

  • 1b92e5f: Added ability error guard for instance dashboard

  • 7c8dbc0: Added selected item abilities polling and url ability guard

  • d24a8e2: Added ability to control error reporting

  • a272589: Added changelog to home with markdown component

  • 04eae2f: Added explanation for disabled table row actions

Patch Changes

  • f1da682: Fixed application caches add statistics


Minor Changes

  • f798988: Added app version to splash and settings

  • 5524c90: Added a new topic on Websocket for instance ability updates

Patch Changes

  • 82f3c91: Fixed thread profiling cell click opens multiple details boxes

  • 69ce337: Removed restriction on deleting ongoing thread profilings

  • f290f42: Fixed table row/mass/global actions to disable while loading


Minor Changes

  • aa109dc: Added help button to open relevant documentation for each page

Patch Changes

  • bfef682: Fix incorrect sentry tag on renderer


Minor Changes

  • f25831d: Added status and remaining time websocket updates to thread profiling requests

  • 1efe919: Added the ability to disable Sentry data collection

  • d23d27b: Added anonymizeIp to Google Analytics

Patch Changes

  • c99c0f4: Improved thread profiling log palette

  • fe68bef: Fixed HTTP requests statistics spinner not showing

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