ZooKeeper Service Discovery can be used to discover instances on ZooKeeper that were published by Spring Cloud ZooKeeper.

Enabling Discovery

You can enable ZooKeeper discovery in the configuration file by setting ostara.agent.main.zookeeper.enabled to true

Configuration Table

NameDefault ValueDescription



Whether ZooKeeper service discovery is enabled or not


The Connection String that is needed to connect to Apache ZooKeeper. This is a comma-separated list of hostname:port pairs. For example, localhost:2181,localhost:2182,localhost:2183. This should contain a list of all ZooKeeper instances in the ZooKeeper quorum



The node where services and service instances are kept. This defaults to the Curator recipe default of /services, and should not be changed under normal conditions



The context path of actuator



The metadata that the agent should filter by when seeking agents. If the map is empty, the filter will not be applied

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