Local Backups


The local backup feature is designed to periodically capture and store snapshots of your Ostara configurations, and connections. These backups provide a safety net for system recovery and allow you to roll back to a previous known state if needed. The backups are saved locally on your machine and can be viewed/restored from the Local Backups window in the settings.

Automatic backups

The system will periodically create backups, these backups are rolling, so no more then 30 backups are saved. You can choose to restore them at any time. Additionally you are able to delete unwanted backups.

Manual Backups

From this screen you can also create manual backups. These backups can only be created and deleted manually, meaning the rolling feature will not clean up old backups.


Restoring a backup

When you restore a backup it will override the current configurations, you can see a preview of the backup to be restored.

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